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A Bit About Me

I want to live in a world where people solve their problems with Dungeons & Dragons, pizza is eaten for every meal, and The Good Place is widely acknowledged as the best show on television. 

A life long writer, educator, and professional nerd, my work has been featured on the Barnes & Noble blogIGNScreen Rant, IT-Lex, Common Novel, and Dungeons & Damsels. Over the past two decades, I've written a lot of different things: innumerable short stories; legal memos and briefs; articles and opinion pieces on books, pop-culture, and the law; and four novels. My work has enabled me to be a part of several panels, including one on Writing About Writing. Writing and talking about writing is what I love. 

When I'm not typing down the words, you can find me imploring everyone to make their own personal website, considering where to acquire the best cup of coffee, and reading every YA book I can get my hands on. 

Negative Space

Friday Night Lights meets geek culture in this 91,000-word, contemporary YA novel about a senior who becomes desperate to escape the narrative being told about her and her recent break-up. Set in a large suburb right outside of Dallas, where football and cheerleaders still reign supreme, this story is about figuring out who you are when your life has been defined by the men around you. Everly Powell’s ability to camouflage her way through high-school resonates as she searches for who she actually is in a world ready to define her.


"We're all dreamers."

Ray Bradbury

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